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My new game is out (Spook: The Clinic)

2016-05-05 14:02:52 by Jonnill

My new game is out but as I said in a post earlier, it wont be on Newgrounds but it will be on GameJolt. While the art isn't that good I hope the game is still good... maybe...

Link to game:



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2016-05-16 22:58:48

About Love is on the Bus:
(1) Do the characters have names? Maybe you could use the same characters in another game of yours, if you want.
(2) Each of the 11 characters has their own music when you talk to them, and I can't figure out the name of the sleeping guy's... what is it??

Myst on the Moor
Overworld (guy with headphones)
Happy Happy Game Show (girl with YouTube channel)
Laconic Granny
Garden Music (girl you're too shy to speak to, also ending music)

Voice Over Under
Cyborg Ninja (guy with the FJONG)
Christmas Rap
??? (sleeping guy)
Cuban Sandwich

Fresh Air (bus driver)

Jonnill responds:

(1) I don't have names for the characters, If I would make a sequel to the game I could give them names maybe.
(2) The sleeping guy's song is called Hand Balance Redux. If I would make a sequel I would like it to have original music (not by me, by someone else who would make music specifically for the game)

I would like to make a sequel, but only if people is intrested in making it with me. I would like to have someone do the graphics and someone doing the music, that way I could focus on the design and programming of the game.

I love the game, but I only made it in 3 days and I feel that I could make so much more in a sequel if I had more time. Thank you for your interest in the game, I was sick today and your comment just made my day :)


2016-05-17 14:58:54

Oh, I could help with the graphics if you want.

Jonnill responds:

(Sorry for late response)
Thanks, but right now I'm in the middle of development on another game (I'm making a adventure puzzle game), so could I contact you when I'm ready to make the sequel? But my new game could take a month to finish, so I just hope you won't lose interest if it takes a long time to hear from me again...

Also I've seen your DeviantArt, and I think you are very fitting to be a graphics designer for the sequel. I wonder how the characters from "Love is on a bus" would look like in your artstyle?!

I'll finish my current game, and then we could talk more about the sequel, is that ok?


2016-08-04 20:09:41

Oh my gosh, I heard yet another soundtrack from the tall guy (the one with Laconic Granny)! I wonder what the meaning of this is?

Jonnill responds:

I don't know, maybe this is in need of a theory, a game theory...