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Working on a new game, but I can't upload it to Newgrounds...

2016-04-09 21:56:19 by Jonnill

So, I have been working on a new game that I would like to show on Newgrounds but there is a serious issue with my game.

The game runs very slow in HTML5...

I work mostly on the Windows download version when I design my games, but I also want the game to work on Newgrounds. Most times it have worked out fine with my smaller games but this time the game got much bigger than I expected. I doubt that I can fix the problem, so when the game comes out it will only be aviable at Game Jolt.         I will now make a list of thingt to keep in mind when designing my next games, to avoid slow performance:

  • Make smaller levels, or split up the level in areas and go between the areas
  • Have a performance improver engine ready before making any levels
  • Think about the Newgrounds version too when making the game
  • Test the HTML5 version early to avoid having to re-code later

I love to upload games on Newgrounds because of the amount of feedback I get here, but this time I sadly can't with my new game. But I hope that a Game Jolt version of my game is good enough...

It is still in development, so here is a little preview of my new game:



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2016-04-09 22:04:56

This looks crappy...No offense.....

Jonnill responds:

No offense taken, but what should I do to improve it?


2016-04-10 12:42:42

I think you should perhaps get an artist to maybe improve the graphics. That is my only problem. I do however would like to see what genre and a description for this game because I might just play it if it's my type of game. Just better graphics and a slightly detailed description would improve the game.Also,what's the name of the game?

(Updated ) Jonnill responds:

I think the game looks crappy because it's only a screenshot, this was the first time I heavily focused on animating the characters so I wanted the character designs to be very, very simple. (exept they are not compared to my previous game, at least for me)

The game doesn't really have a title, the project name for the game is Scary Hospital...
It's a platformer horror game, as you go through the hospital (or clinic, I don't know anymore) the story unfolds. What the story is about is for you to discover as you are beeing hunted by monsters roaming the building. You also need to explore if you really want to know the whole story but it's not required if all you want to do is escape.

There should be more information about the game after it's released, because I don't really like to talk about my games under development but this time I wanted to inform my fans that the game won't be aviable on Newgrounds...


2016-04-10 15:44:00

One more question-Does it have jumpscares? In that case i will not play.

Jonnill responds:

There are no jumpscares :)