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My new game is out but as I said in a post earlier, it wont be on Newgrounds but it will be on GameJolt. While the art isn't that good I hope the game is still good... maybe...

Link to game:


Working on a new game, but I can't upload it to Newgrounds...

2016-04-09 21:56:19 by Jonnill

So, I have been working on a new game that I would like to show on Newgrounds but there is a serious issue with my game.

The game runs very slow in HTML5...

I work mostly on the Windows download version when I design my games, but I also want the game to work on Newgrounds. Most times it have worked out fine with my smaller games but this time the game got much bigger than I expected. I doubt that I can fix the problem, so when the game comes out it will only be aviable at Game Jolt.         I will now make a list of thingt to keep in mind when designing my next games, to avoid slow performance:

  • Make smaller levels, or split up the level in areas and go between the areas
  • Have a performance improver engine ready before making any levels
  • Think about the Newgrounds version too when making the game
  • Test the HTML5 version early to avoid having to re-code later

I love to upload games on Newgrounds because of the amount of feedback I get here, but this time I sadly can't with my new game. But I hope that a Game Jolt version of my game is good enough...

It is still in development, so here is a little preview of my new game: